Graham Coxon is just a hypocrite, really.

Again, who’s not?

The Interview

在blur forum看到的一篇訪談。與其說是訪談,不如說是閒扯淡。反正我愛閒扯淡。而且還有原音重現!搭配服用風味絕佳。大致上聊的是文學、葛拉罕對30s的熱愛、在美國的市場(霉果仁比較不買他的帳,不過他喜歡霉果飯。事實上他說了“My American audiences are just about my favorite audience.”這樣的話。)等等。


 Do you like a bit of Evelyn Waugh?
 ──Evelyn Waugh?
 You don’t like a bit of him?
 ──I don’t know it.
 Evelyn Waugh.
 ──Should I know this?
 That’s W-A-U-G-H.
 He wrote a nice book called Vile Bodies. You should read that.

我覺得這段很有趣。不想承認自己與訪問者一樣無知,可惜我真的只聽過書名。稍微查找了一下書本內容,唔──嗯。Very Graham-ish. 爾後他又多次極力讚揚Evelyn Waugh,I can see why (grinning).


 Yeah, you know, just have the ’30s again and again and again and again and again until I’m dead.
 ──And what?
 Because then you could wear the coolest clothes all the time. People and art would be exciting. Literature would be exciting. The cars would be excellent, and the motorbikes would be excellent. Everything would be bloody excellent.
 ──But don’t you in some way feel that there were many artists that existed during that era who would have considered it the end of times, as we see it now?
 ──Say with the automobile, the rise of the automobile or telecommunications…
 Yeah, roads, the combustion engine. I know, I think the combustion engine is an evil. But we should have done something…we could have done something about it. But we didn’t, and I still ride things with engines, and if anyone tried to stop me, I’d want to kill them, you know. I think you should be allowed to ride in or on something that has an engine if it’s fucking stylish. And if it isn’t, then it is scrapped, and you’re put in prison. I think that’s how it should go.
 ──But then who would dictate what is stylish?
 Me. Or you seem to know. Perhaps you can be deputy scrapper.


 Conversions… I suppose people think of conversions as successes. I just think it’s a kind of lame and… a sort of lame way to go about things. To convert… I’m going to wear a great big red cross on my chain mail and sweep through countries making people like me.
 And the more you sell, the more idiots are in the audience. That’s what I learned, really, in Blur.

I can’t agree with you more!

 ──So you mentioned earlier that you don’t really have an appreciation for modern technologies. And I assume that you’re not a total Draconian, but have you assimilated digital recording practices into your life? Or do you have an affinity for analog equipment?
 Well, I’m not, like, really insanely Draconian. I do have a hard-disc kind of recorder thing. You know, it’s convenient. I like convenience probably more than I like analog stuff. But the thing is it’s just how these things are these days. Digital is convenient, so everybody uses it. I’m just a hypocrite, really. Although, yeah, recording a proper album in analog is great. Kiss of Morning stuck to me as one of my best-sounding things. Although, maybe performance wise, not that… I mean, it has a kind of quality that I wouldn’t say is bad. I do like that record, but I love the way it sounds because it’s all sort of ’60s and ’70s and ’50s equipment, so it’s pretty neat. But yeah, digital technology is easier to manipulate.

Bitter Tears是非常適合冬日清晨的一首歌,不過我最喜歡的還是The Sky is Too High(其次是Happiness in Magazines)。讓人忍不住想跟著向lo-fi致敬。

 ──Do you enjoy any of the other sort of more psychedelic America authors like William Burroughs or Philip K. Dick?
 I have never heard of the K. Dick, but he sounds…
 ──Philip K. Dick.
 Yeah, he sounds quite good.



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