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Better Late Than Never

What can I say? I have no excuses, no illnesses, no nothing – there is simply no excuse for the amount of time that has elapsed since we last spoke. I can’t blame the UK tour – the audiences were kind, my kin-folk in Sheffield did not turn on me & tear my flesh. I could say that I’ve been busy turning up to award ceremonies & leaving at the end of the night empty-handed but that would be somewhat pathetic, would it not? I could say that I was busy coming up with the epoch-defining version of Heaven 17’s “Temptation” that Beth Ditto & I performed at the Hammersmith Palais the other week – but the truth is, we only rehearsed it once on the night before the event. Maybe the up-coming curatorship of the Meltdown festival on London’s South Bank this June has eaten up all my time? Oh, whatever; I’m sorry, ok? Let’s just leave it at that.

This site is going to undergo a revamp in the next couple of weeks – new songs, videos, etc. If you have any bands you think that I MUST put on at the Meltdown let me know – you did a great job of recommending supports for the European tour. Handy hint: isn’t it irritating when you rummage around frantically for a pen only to discover that it won’t write when you finally find it? Well, here’s a cure: hold a lighted match or lighter to the nib of the pen for a few seconds & then try again – usually it will work! (only works with ballpoints). I’d like to pretend that I discovered that myself but I actually got it from “Sometimes a Great Notion” – the book I was reading the other month. By the way, thanks to everyone who sent in suggestions for my future reading matter – much appreciated.

I’ll try not to leave it so long next time – oh & yes, I should be recording some new podcasts next week too.

It’s all ‘appening.


  昨天是葛拉罕的三十八歲生日。我沒忘,Google Calendar提醒了我。只是想不出來可以做些什麼,就默默度過了。




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